About Nautilus OT

Nautilus provides an innovative sensor appliance combined with threat analyses and insights into vulnerabilities on an European based platform. Additionally, it delivers executive level reporting on cybersecurity posture and financial implications.

Our Story

Nautilus draws its name and inspiration from the resilient nautilus, a creature famed for its protective shell and adaptability—a fitting symbol for our robust and flexible cybersecurity solutions. Our journey began when our founders, Marc and Norbert, recognized a common passion for improving cybersecurity awareness and resilience among SMBs. Together, they founded Atlantis Cybersecurity to innovate and deliver sophisticated products tailored to these needs.

Like the nautilus, which crafts new chambers in its shell to meet changing needs, Nautilus adjusts and scales its defences to protect your business in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We ensure your infrastructure is safeguarded with cutting-edge security measures, just as the nautilus’ shell protects it from oceanic threats. Our mission is to navigate the murky waters of cyber threats alongside you, ensuring clarity and security as your business grows and adapts in the digital age.

Our Vision

Leading in accessible cybersecurity, Nautilus proactively identifies and safeguards against hidden vulnerabilities in your OT and IoT infrastructures, offering executive-level reporting to underscore financial risks and ensure digital resilience and compliance.

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The Team

At Nautilus, our team is united by a shared mission to enhance the digital resilience of SMBs. We work tirelessly and collaboratively to innovate and deliver top-notch security solutions. Meet the passionate individuals driving our success.

Norbert van Adrichem

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and founder

Marc van Gent

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder

Jeroen van Es

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Hans van Boggelen

Strategic Advisor

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